WATCH: Woman Tries to Sell Her Baby in Shocking Footage

According to the Mirror, the woman in the footage below is a 25-year-old prostitute in Russia. She was filmed trying to sell her 10-day-old baby boy to a set of undercover police officers.

The exchange between the woman and policemen is below:

Officers:  “So how much for it? Is it a boy or a girl?”

Woman: “It is a boy, 150,000 RUB (£1,500).”

Officers:  “Now turn to the camera and give us a small interview.”

Officers: “What is the matter, you don’t want to talk?”

Woman: “My life is difficult. I do not have a choice.”

Woman: “I had to sell my son, but now I want him back.”

The mother was arrested on the spot, and the baby was taken into care and put in an orphanage.

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