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15 Hottest Bums in Women’s Sports

There are many things that draw men into watching women’s sports. For starters, there is the thrill of the competition. Next, there is the excitement of watching women athletes go head to head on the court or the field, in some of the most exciting athletic competitions. These are some reasons that men may want to watch women’s sports, however, if you ask many men, they will say that it is so they can look at the athlete’s butts. All of the training that athletes go through to be the best at their sport, and the level of activity involved in competition can help carefully sculpt a female athlete’s rear end.

Most men claim to be different types of men. Some will claim to be a leg man, some will claim to be a leg man, and some will claim to be a butt man. Truth be told, a self proclaimed leg man will still appreciate a perfect butt. It is inevitable.

Below is a list of women who excel at their particular sport. They also have something else in common, they have the most amazing butts in sports. Not only does their athletic ability draw men in, their rear ends do as well.

Here are FitLifestyle’s 15 Hottest Bums in Women’s Sports.

Anna Blanchard – Pro Surfer


Alana is not just a pro surfer, she is also a model. She is from Hawaii, and she also has her own line of swimwear. It is unclear whether she designs her swimwear to perfectly fit her butt, or if her butt is perfect and would look good in anything. Whether she is competing in a competition, training, or modeling her latest line of swimwear, she has a butt that will never disappoint.

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