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10 Moms To Be Flaunting Their Stunning Tattoos

Having a child is perhaps the biggest milestone a woman can achieve in her life. A pregnant woman is often seen as glowing, happy (albeit hormonal), excited and ready to enter a new, exhilarating phase of her life. And what’s more beautiful than an expecting mother? An expecting mother with tattoos, of course.

There’s just something so beautiful about a pregnant woman, and body art only accentuates and emphasizes this beauty. There’s something empowering and inspiring about pregnant women who aren’t afraid to show off the body art on their pregnant bodies. Pregnancy is a proud, life-changing moment in a woman’s life, and showing off your baby bump with a collection of insanely amazing body art is inspiring and uplifting.

Here are 10 moms-to-be flaunting their seriously stunning tattoos.

1. Michaela was 21 weeks pregnant when she took this photo, and her body art accentuates all her lovely features.

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