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10 Richest Politicians In The World And Their Fabulous Fortunes

Rich guys signing up for politics doesn’t sound bad. With billions already lounging in their bank accounts, the taxpayer’s money should be safe.

You must read about how the wealthy got bored with a life of luxury and went in search of the ultimate thrill – political power. Check out the 15 richest politicians in the world ranked according to their fabulous fortune.

1. Donald Trump – $3.5 billion

Donald Trump Richest Politicians in the World
via Sky News

Donald Trump needs no further introduction.

The 45th President of the United States made his way through the business world, and now politics, by being boisterous and ruthless. People either love or hate Trump and he doesn’t seem to care.

Trump’s fabulous wealth has to do with him managing The Trump Organization, a company with operations in real estate, property management, and investing. Let’s just say that if you ever find yourself playing golf or spending the night in a luxurious hotel, chances are the 71-year-old masterminded it.

Although lending his name to an impressive number of high-end business towers and other estates, Trump is a toddler once put in global perspective. According to a mind-blowing ranking, he is only the 544th richest person in the world.

Donald Trump Richest Politicians in the World
via AP

Even rich people get to be jealous, and Trump certainly looks up with envy at the next politician on our list.

2. Kim Jong-un – $4 billion

Kim Jong-un Richest Politicians in the World
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Kim Jong-un rules North Korea with one fist full of dictatorship attributes and another one firmly holding the many billions written to his name.

News from the other side of the Iron Curtain is never trustworthy. However, no one denies the 35-year-old Communist ruler has at its disposal enough money to fund a lavishing lifestyle, one that comes in dark contrast with the daily hassle of the impoverished citizens.

No one knows how Kim’s dynasty took hold of such an extravagant fortune, as North Korea has virtually no competitive industry. Some go as far as to say the ruler perfected an operation that deals with forging foreign currency.

Most dictators settle for smoking fine cigars and whipping their fellow citizens to work faster and more productive. Kim is more ambitious, as he made a personal obsession out of gifting the country with a nuclear arsenal.

Kim Jong-un recently entered a bitter feud with Donald Trump, and something tells us the primary source of discord is on measuring their wealth.

Kim Jong-un Richest Politicians in the World
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Check out the next politician worth billions!

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