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20 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Humans are no longer the only species extracting benefit from not giving a damn. The animals learned about our ways are now chilling, ignoring stress, and acting senselessly.

However, some went beyond being zen and turned into jerks. Check out 25 pics that show what happens when they stop being animals for a day.

1. Daredevil Goat Defies Law

Daredevil Goat Defies Law
via Dump a Day

Animals care about our stupid laws less than we think.

Mastering serenity is also a trick to keep the body temperature low. Getting angry on the bird is pointless, mostly because there is nothing you can do.

Smart water buffalos also open their mouths. The awful smell never scares the small creatures in their hunt for free food stuck between those teeth.

2. A Toast! For You, My Friend!

A Toast! For You, My Friend!
via Boo’s Fun Zone

Can you imagine coming home to see you pet chilling with a glass of wine and usurping your favorite chair?

That would be quite a change from the traditional “jump on you and lick your face.” Add a delicious home cooked meal waiting in the oven and you can pat yourself on the back for doing a good job with training.

Nevertheless, if the dog starts a smart conversation with you about the state of the world economy, then you must be dreaming.

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