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20 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

19. Lazy Dog Doesn’t Give A Damn

Lazy Dog Doesn't Give A Damn
via YouTube

Just look at this dog! He doesn’t give a damn about the snow underneath that needs to be cleaned, or about his owner politely waiting in the cold for a chance to finish the job.

You might have expected something else, and we understand your disappointment. If even a man’s best friend doesn’t care, the entire world is doomed.

Is the dog quietly putting up a resistance to protest the effects of global warming? You could call it that way if you are not yet ready to accept the truth.

Animals don’t always behave according to logic or a life philosophy. Out of the blue, sitting on a pile of snow appears to be the only thing worth doing.

20. The Perfect Sofa

The Pefect Sofa
via Bored Panda

Capybaras are so comfortable to sit and friendly, they became the favorite sofa of the animal kingdom.

Just look at how those turtles wait their turn to mount the sleeping herbivore! And the best part is that the pig-like creature native to South America doesn’t give a damn about the exploitation.

“I have tons of work to do at the office tomorrow. My boss will kill me!” Animals are blessed with fewer things to worry about while sleeping so we must assume they are also happier.

With no predators in sight, this small community of beings is enjoying heaven. Alternatively, they might feel nothing and simply don’t give a damn about feeling and other nonsense.

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