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10 Creepy Places That Can Just Give You Chills

2. Xochimilco, Mexico

Xochimilco, 10 Creepy Places

This Island of the Dolls has to be the creepiest place in Mexico. Santana Barrera, a loner, collected broken dolls and their parts from canals and rubbish tips, and as a tribute to a dad girl he once found, hung them from branches or tied them to trunks to prevent evil spirits, and believed them to walk around the island at night. The hanging dolls with empty eyes, matted hair and scabbed skin, and their decapitated heads and amputated body parts everywhere can give the jeepers.

1. Candido Godoi, Brazil

Candido Godoi, 10 Creepy Places in Brazil

This place is weird, but for a completely different reason. It has the birth rate of twins that is 18 percent higher than the rest of the world. The local belief is that this began after Joseph Mengele, the Nazi doctor, started conducting experiments here in the 60’s. Another bizarre theory is that the mineral water in this region is responsible. Many such absurd theories have been refuted by scientists. Immigrants in Sao Pedro could have brought the variant gene here, as per new studies.

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