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10 Gorgeous Sports Women Who Broke All Stereotypes

Woman! This is a word that means different things to different people. A woman is the foundation of any society because she bears the children that will one day grow up to become the society. However women are almost always attached with stereotypes and their efforts are undermined and overshadowed by the men. Women are thought to just stay home, have children, cook food and serve others. But the woman of today is all that and much more. She can excel at work outside the home the same way she does at home.

Sports women have been shutting people up and breaking stereo types. Sports is still a heavily male dominated area and girls are discouraged to take part in them. But every now and then a girl steps out of her home to pursue her passion is sports and makes her nation proud. That is when all these haters shut up and start praising them.

Today we’re going to look at the top 10 gorgeous sports women who broke all stereotypes.

10. Sania Mirza

Gorgeous Sania Mirza Bikini Tennis
Gorgeous Sania Mirza Tennis

Being from a country where conservative dressing is followed Sania Mirza turned heads when she started playing tennis in the usual tennis attire. Many people talked and she received a lot of backlash but she continued to play and brought many awards home. She has also been ranked number 1 in the women’s’ doubles rankings.

9. Alana Blanchard

Hot Girl Alana Blanchard
Hot Girl Alana Blanchard

Beautiful girls with blonde hair are thought to love makeup or girly stuff. But Alana Blanchard breaks all the norms and shows how you can be sporty yet beautiful and sexy at the same time. Alana is a top ranked pro surfer with many championships under her name. Not only has this she also modeled balancing the two worlds perfectly.

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