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Top 10 Most Famous Pirates in History

The existence of pirates has been around all throughout history. Pirates have been featured in many world-wide successful movies, such as Pirates of The Caribbean. They have committed violent and heartless acts and murderers. Here are the Top 10 Most Famous Pirates.

10. William Kidd

Captain William Kidd
Captain William Kidd (source:

William Kidd, born in Scotland in 1645, is one of the world’s most famous and most unfortunate pirates to exist. According to reports, William Kidd’s father was a seaman himself, which is why William had a dream to be a seaman and a passion for sea. He sailed to New York, USA and left his homeland for a new life. At the beginning, he became a pirate hunter and married the rich Sarah Bradley Cox and had two kids with her. His dream career and personal life became a reality.

Years later, he was given a specially designed warship equipped with crewman and weapons and was told to hunt the pirates of the red sea. After sailing, many of his skillful crewmen left him for Royal navy Ships, leaving him to hire sailors who turned out to be pirates themselves. Most of his attacks failed, and he didn’t earn any significant amount of money. In addition, during a conflict, he murdered his gunner named William Moore. After capturing an Indian ship, he was branded as a pirate.

Kidd sailed back to New York to hide, but instead he was captured and arrested. He was sentenced to death in England and during his execution, the rope they had used broke and they had to replace it and hang him properly for the second time.

9. Bartholomew Roberts

Famous Pirate: Bartholomew Roberts
Famous Pirate: Bartholomew Roberts.

Known as Black Bart, Bartholomew Roberts was one of the most successful and violent pirates who was famous for his boldness. Born in 1682 in South Wales, Roberts was enslaved while working on a British Slaver ‘Princess’. He was forced to join the crew by other pirates after a pirate called Howell Davis captured the ship he was on.

He soon became pirate Howell Davis’s favorite and realized that pirating was a good opportunity for him. After Davis was killed during an ambush, he was elected as the new ship captain and that’s when he began his pirating career.

He plundered around 400 ships, burned captured ship and enslaved hundreds of people. He was a cold blooded pirate who terrorized the seas.

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