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10 Sexy Facts About The Mile-High Club

The mile-high club is not a real club but rather a collection of people who have pulled off the risky deed of having sex on an airplane. Most people don’t think much of this, or they believe it happens once in a blue moon.

However, it happens far more often than you think, and companies have gone as far as to tie it into their marketing campaigns. From celebrity encounters to scientific data on in-flight orgasms, there is so much more to know about the mile-high club than most people realize.



10The Founding Member

In 1914, Lawrence Burst Sperry was a 21-year-old pilot who went down in history for inventing the self-driving autopilot. This helped him to win a $10,000 prize and a load of newfound confidence.

Two years later, Sperry was giving Mrs. Waldo Peirce (Dorothy Rice Sims) a flying lesson in Long Island, New York, when they decided to put that autopilot to good use. They got a little too excited and bumped into the switch, which sent the plane crashing down.

When they were rescued, they were both totally naked. This was especially troubling for Mrs. Pierce, who was married. Her husband was at war driving an ambulance in France. The scandal was on the front page of the newspaper, exposing the affair.

For years, the mile-high club was exclusive to pilots who could pull off similar stunts. It took years for passenger planes to be big enough to accommodate passenger sex.

9Atmospheric Pressure

Apparently, joining the mile-high club is not just about status and fulfilling a fantasy. There is also at least a little bit of science behind it. As a plane flies, the air becomes much thinner at higher altitudes. This triggers something called “erotic asphyxia,” which is the lack of oxygen helping to intensify an orgasm. Together with the vibrations that passengers often feel in their seats, this creates great conditions for having sex.

Although all of this may be true, some people don’t need to get an entire mile in the air before they get aroused. Disneyland removed its gondola rides, which greatly disappointed fans who loved the convenience of traveling from one area of the park to the other without having to walk.

While he was on set learning some Disney secrets during the filming of Saving Mrs. Banks, Tom Hanks learned that the real reason why Disneyland removed the gondolas was because tons of people were having sex on them. That wasn’t good for the company’s pristine family-friendly reputation.

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