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10 Pivotal Moments In The History Of The Hearse

Hearses have been round for a very long time in varied shapes and types. At first, they have been rudimentary constructions—from stretchers that transported the lifeless to their remaining resting locations to the shields that carried the lifeless our bodies of historic Spartan warriors after they fell in battle.

Over time, the development of those makeshift objects has developed into an elaborate, aggressive business wherein car makers and funeral properties duke it out for the privilege of dealing with one in every of our most sacred moments: our deaths.

What started as the easy necessity of transporting a physique to a burial website grew to become an elaborate ritual wherein the residing say goodbye to a lifeless pal or member of the family by a funeral procession.

Do you know that the unique hearses didn’t even transport the lifeless? They have been simply candelabras that sat atop different funeral gadgets for adornment. From historic instances to trendy expertise, listed here are 10 pivotal moments within the historical past of the hearse.


10 Funeral Biers

Funeral Biers

Talked about way back to the Christian Holy Bible, the bier was a forerunner to the fashionable hearse. In line with Scripture, a bier was a tool upon which a corpse was laid after being made presentable for the family members. They might say their remaining goodbyes earlier than burial. Then the bier was used to move the lifeless physique from the house to the grave, very like the fashionable hearse.

A bier was a flattened picket object that resembled an ambulance stretcher, typically with wheels on the underside. Its major perform was to simply transport the lifeless to their remaining resting locations.

For hundreds of years, biers have served because the devices of correct burials, particularly in spiritual settings for monks, monks, and different non secular figures.[1]

9 Coffins


The origins of the hearse are a bit murky, however the apply of honoring the deceased in public has been with us for a very long time. For instance, historic Greece had extremely ritualized funeral rites wherein coffins have been merely carried by hand by the streets in a funeral procession. Absolute silence was demanded by customized.

Cash have been positioned in or on the fingers, mouth, or eyes of the corpse to pay the toll into the underworld of Hades. The physique was additionally disregarded for a number of days to ensure that the particular person was actually lifeless.

The ekphora was the identify of the traditional Greek model of a funeral procession. The physique was carried by town and made a number of stops, the place the ladies would lament and the boys would stay indifferent and stoic. The physique was toted in its coffin to varied places till it ended up at its remaining resting place.[2]


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