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10 Surviving Remnants Of Long-Forgotten Peoples

It’s straightforward to neglect that most of the world’s nations solely got here into existence pretty lately. Suppose South Sudan and East Timor, for instance. We additionally are inclined to neglect than many once-prominent nations have ceased to exist totally.

Human historical past is a protracted narrative of the rise and fall of countries, empires, and the peoples that inhabit them. But whereas empires fall, rebellions are crushed, and cultures are misplaced to time, tiny remnants generally survive—precariously—throughout historical past. Listed here are ten examples that may shock you.


10 The Misplaced Legionaries Of China

The Misplaced Legionaries Of China

Contact between the Roman Empire and Han dynasty China was restricted, but there’s proof to recommend that villagers within the distant Chinese language county of Liqian are the descendants of Roman troopers misplaced 2,000 years in the past.

The speculation was proposed by Oxford professor Homer Dubbs after he examined historical Chinese language accounts of a battle in 36 BC on China’s western frontier with nomadic barbarians, the Hsiung-Nu (or Xiongnu).[1] On this battle, greater than 100 males preventing for the Hsiung-Nu used a “fish scale” formation—just like the Roman testudo formation and uncharacteristic of such Nomadic peoples.

Dubbs famous that 17 years earlier, some 10,000 Romans had been captured by the Parthians on the disastrous Battle of Carrhae. Historic information reveal that the prisoners have been moved to Parthia’s jap frontier, near China’s western border. (Parthia occupied what’s now Iran.) Dubbs believed that these males could have grow to be mercenaries, preventing for the Hsiung-Nu earlier than being captured and utilized by the Chinese language to defend their frontier. He believes they based a frontier city named Li-Jien (additionally spelled Li-Chien), a reputation which sounds remarkably just like “Legion.”

To this present day, most of the villagers in Liqian have blue or inexperienced eyes and honest hair. A 2010 genetic examine revealed that 56 % of their DNA is Caucasian in origin. Regardless of this, the idea stays controversial.

9 The Thai Villages Based By Exiled Chinese language Troopers

The Thai Villages Based By Exiled Chinese language Troopers
When the Chinese language nationalists have been defeated by the communists beneath Mao Tse-tung in 1949, many fled to Taiwan. Nonetheless, the 93rd Division retreated into Myanmar (Burma), the place, throughout the Chilly Battle, they fought towards the Burmese authorities and ethnic militias and, with the assistance of Taiwan and the US authorities, continued to launch assaults into China itself.

Ultimately, they ended up in Northern Thailand, the place they established over 60 villages which nonetheless exist at the moment. Allowed to remain after they assisted the Thai authorities in its battle towards communists, they have been gifted citizenship within the 1980s, on the situation that they put down their arms and take up farming.

To this present day, the villages retain their Chinese language identification and tradition and have grow to be a vacationer attraction for Thais trying to expertise Chinese language tradition.[2]


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