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10 Punishments Of The Royal Navy During The Age Of Sail

Again within the days of outdated—earlier than such trivial issues as well being and security rules, youngster welfare, or human rights turned issues to fret about—a captain of one in all His Majesty’s best ships within the British Royal Navy might rule the poop deck (or any a part of the ship) with an iron fist.

Within the 17th and 18th centuries, the Royal Navy was a harsh place for a sailor—with many punishments meted out for numerous errors or crimes. The bottom punishments would begin off as extra of a slap on the wrist or a humiliating motion, reminiscent of watering down the grog, further watch duties, quick lunch breaks, and even being “chastised” by the ship’s boys with moist swabs.

These males have been all dwelling collectively for lengthy instances in a cramped space. Extreme punishment was usually held again in order to not have an effect on the crew’s morale as an entire. Nonetheless, as we’re about to search out out, issues might get a lot worse.


10 Beginning


Many punishments have been formal, as in ordered by the captain with a report stored within the ship’s log. The self-discipline delivered by the boatswain or bosun’s mate (a foreman of types) was an on-the-spot factor without having of a written account. Thus, it might occur for any purpose at any time.

The bosun’s mate at all times carried a small weapon to beat the unlucky offender. This weapon was normally a knotted rope, small whip, or cane known as a “rattan.” Typically, three canes have been tied collectively and known as the “three sisters.”

These beatings have been often known as “beginning,” as in beginning to beat. A bosun’s mate could possibly be ordered to begin a person till informed to cease. If his arm turned drained, one other mate could be known as to proceed the abuse. These bashings have been an on a regular basis prevalence aboard a ship.

At any time, a mate might hit an unruly sailor. Unchecked, a sadistic bosun’s mate might and did trigger critical hurt on many events. In the end, this led to the start of their suppression in 1811.[1]

9 Gagging

This punishment was used when a sailor turned a bit of too lippy or dedicated different minor offenses. To show him a lesson, his fingers and legs have been certain. An iron bolt could be put in his mouth, tied in place from behind his head, and left for no matter time the officer felt match the crime. In the event you’ve ever seen the movie Pulp Fiction, consider the pool-balls-in-the-mouth scene (proven above).

This was one other punitive motion not recorded within the logs as a result of it might have dire repercussions. Because it was frowned upon by the Admiralty, gagging was by no means an official punishment. Nonetheless, it was used on quite a few events.

In 1867, George Addison, a crew member of the HMS Favourite, was gagged for drunkenness and violence. He died from asphyxiation inside two hours.[2]


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