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10 People Who Claimed To Have Traveled To The Future

Whereas the potential for time journey stays debatable, we have now had individuals who’ve claimed to have traveled to the previous, the longer term, and even parallel universes. One frequent argument towards time journey to the previous offers with the potential for altering the previous. In case you journey again in time and kill your dad and mom, what occurs to you? Do you die off, simply disappear, or what?

Claims of time journey to the longer term are extra life like and plausible, because the future is unknown. Some who declare to have traveled to the longer term even supply predictions to again up their tales. These predictions might be all they should validate their time journey claims, ought to their prognostications come true. Even once they don’t, the time vacationers may argue that they averted the occasion or made us avert it just by telling us.


10 John Titor

10 John Titor

On November 2, 2000, John Titor posted a message on an Web discussion board claiming to be a time traveler from 2036. Titor claimed he had traveled to 1975 to select up an IBM 5100 laptop and solely stopped by within the yr 2000 over what he known as “private causes.” To show he was an actual time traveler, Titor added footage of his time machine and mentioned it was made by Common Electrical.

Titor claimed civil battle began within the US in 2004 and developed right into a nuclear battle with Russia, leaving hundreds of thousands of individuals lifeless. He was a part of a army unit that had traveled to the previous to retrieve essential gadgets mandatory for the survival of humanity. He had been tasked with retrieving an IBM 5100 laptop to debug a machine utilized in 2036.

In addition to warning of a civil battle, Titor predicted there can be no Olympics in 2004 and that the West would collapse in 2005. The identical yr would see an outbreak of mad cow illness, and whoever was president would try and emulate Abraham Lincoln. Titor supplied to take some folks to the longer term, however identical to his predictions, that by no means occurred as a result of he all of a sudden disappeared in March 2001.

In 2009, John Hughston of Hoax Hunter speculated that “Titor” was really brothers Larry and John Rick Haber. Nevertheless, some consider Titor was actual and should have averted the civil battle by not directly warning the US authorities when he dropped by in 2000. In addition to, Titor already talked about that by touring into the previous, he had created a “worldline” and altered historical past. In reality, he claimed to have witnessed sure alterations to historical past, like an opposing workforce profitable a soccer match as an alternative of the workforce that had initially received it.[1]

9 Andrew Basiago

9 Andrew Basiago

Andrew Basiago is a Seattle lawyer and one other time journey claimant. Not solely does he declare to have traveled to the longer term, however he additionally says he’s traveled to the previous and Mars. Basiago claims he went to Mars in 1981 alongside a teenage Barack Obama and William Stillings, who had been concerned in a Protection Superior Analysis Initiatives Company (DARPA) effort to create a time machine.

Basiago claims the venture, which was code-named Pegasus, was energetic between 1968 and 1972 and led to the creation of an actual time machine. Basiago says he used the machine to journey to the yr 1863, the place he listened to considered one of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches, and the yr 2054. He added that the US authorities often used the machine to deploy army models to change the previous and future because it deemed match.

Not like different time vacationers, Basiago failed to supply us with some predictions concerning the future, besides that he’ll change into president between 2016 and 2028. Some don’t consider Basiago’s claims of interplanetary and temporal journey, since they complete may have been a ploy to create consciousness for a e book he was writing at the moment. Alternatively, the e book might be an extra revelation of his claims. That’s, if they’re true.[2]


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