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10 Bizarre Figures From The UFO Contactee Movement

After Kenneth Arnold kick-started the UFO craze in 1947, a bunch of believers sprang up, claiming that that they had sustained contact with alien craft. These “contactees,” as they have been identified, advised outlandish tales about speaking to aliens by way of telepathy and visiting distant planets.

Their most well-known spokesmen, reminiscent of George Adamski and his good friend George Hunt Williamson, wrote best-selling books and lectured throughout the nation in the course of the 1950s. Although their recognition light within the ‘60s and their tales have been blatantly faux and unscientific, there’s no denying that the unique contactees have been an odd, fascinating bunch.


10 Buck Nelson

10 Buck Nelson

The host of an annual UFO conference on his personal Missouri farm, Buck Nelson was a humble, plainspoken man who self-published in 1956 a ridiculous pamphlet entitled My Journey to Mars, The Moon, and Venus. After two earlier UFO sightings, Nelson claimed that 4 occupants from a UFO had come to his home on March 5, 1955.

The guests consisted of a younger earthling, a pair of males from Venus, and a large, 136-kilogram (300 lb) canine named Bo. After analyzing his home, the guests advised Nelson that they might take him on a visit to different planets someday.

Greater than a month later, on April 24, Nelson’s new buddies picked up him and his canine Ted for a visit to outer area. First, the lads traveled to Mars, which Nelson described as colourful and much like Earth. Subsequent, they made a cease on the Moon. Then they completed the journey with a take a look at Venus, a utopia that had no want for jails, policemen, or wars.

After returning to his house planet, Nelson promised the aliens that he would inform all people about his travels. He spoke to the media about his experiences and was supposedly questioned by the armed forces. At his farm conventions, Nelson bought items of Bo’s hair to again up his story. Skeptics famous that the Venusian canine hair was much like the type discovered on Earth canine. He advised them, “Dawgs is dawgs. Don’t matter what planet they’re from.”[1]

9 Cynthia Appleton

9 Cynthia Appleton

On November 18, 1957, English housewife Cynthia Appleton was taking good care of her youngsters at house when she all of a sudden heard a high-pitched whistling sound in her sitting room. As soon as the sound stopped, Appleton noticed a tall, blond man materialize close to her fire. Utilizing telepathy, the person instructed Appleton to not be afraid. He was a customer from the planet Gharnasvarn, and his folks wished to make contact with particular earthlings like Appleton.

Over the subsequent yr, the person from Gharnasvarn would make seven extra appearances at Appleton’s home, generally bringing alongside a good friend. When not explaining tips on how to remedy most cancers, the person would make pseudo-philosophical babble, insisting that point was not actual and that every one life was unified. Throughout his final six visits, the person additionally shunned teleporting and opted to reach in a giant black automotive as an alternative.

In September 1958, the Gharnasvarn man and his good friend confirmed themselves to Cynthia Appleton one final time. They advised the mom of two that she was pregnant. Confusingly, the kid could be “of the race of Gharnasvarn” but additionally her husband’s son.[2]

In Might 1959, Appleton gave delivery to a child boy simply because the aliens had apparently predicted. Regardless of some media consideration, the Appletons by no means noticed the Gharnasvarn males once more, and so they quickly quietly disappeared from the general public highlight.


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