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10 Ideas George Lucas Wanted To See In The New ‘Star Wars’ Movies

Earlier than he bought the rights to Disney, George Lucas had his personal imaginative and prescient for a brand new Star Wars trilogy. He had lots written. He’d already created an overview for the trilogy, labored with Michael Arndt to write down an early script, and accepted idea artwork for the flicks that, for a time, he was going to make himself.

We’ll by no means get to see Lucas’s model of these movies, however little particulars have slipped out. The individuals who have seen his concepts have had a tough time maintaining their mouths closed—and due to them, we’ve got an honest thought of what a brand new Star Wars trilogy would have regarded like with George Lucas on the helm.


10 Luke Would Be A Father

10 Luke Would Be A Father

Again in 1983, Mark Hamill let a bit of trace about Lucas’s dream for a brand new trilogy slip: Luke Skywalker was to be a father.

On the time, Hamill anticipated to start out filming within the yr 2000, and whereas it took lots longer than that for Star Wars: Episode VII to hit theaters, Lucas by no means appears to have given up on that a part of his dream. Time and time once more, he’s stated that his trilogy was speculated to give attention to Darth Vader’s grandchildren—which Lucas made clear didn’t simply imply Leia’s youngsters however Luke’s, too.[1]

“Folks don’t truly notice it’s truly a cleaning soap opera and it’s all about household issues—it’s not about spaceships,” Lucas advised CBS when Disney’s film got here out. Clearly, Lucas wasn’t proud of what had hit the display screen. He advised them: “They determined they didn’t need to use these tales, they determined they have been going to do their very own factor.”

Lucas appears to carry a little bit of a grudge about it. When Self-importance Honest journal gave him the prospect to ask new Star Wars director J.J. Abrams a query, an irate-looking George Lucas requested: “What occurred to Darth Vader’s grandchildren?”

9 Darth Talon Corrupts Sam Solo

9 Darth Talon Corrupts Sam Solo

The villain in Lucas’s films, in line with Lucasfilm govt Pablo Hidalgo, was going to be pulled out of the pages of a Star Wars comedian ebook. She was a red-skinned alien named Darth Talon, and he or she was going to deprave Han Solo’s son.[2]

In Lucas’s script, Solo’s son—who he referred to as “Sam”—wasn’t going to start out on the darkish aspect. He was going to start out the film as, mainly, one other Han Solo. Lucas’s author, Michael Arndt, described him as “pure charisma,” and the artwork reveals him trying nearly precisely like a younger Han Solo, with the identical jacket, blaster, and all the pieces.

Darth Talon was going to be a seductress. An early storyboard reveals her luring a Jedi monk out of a bar, sleeping with him, after which apparently leaving him for useless. She could be the one who would lure younger Sam Solo into the darkish aspect.

Apparently, Lucas needed Talon to speak like Lauren Bacall. Whereas writing the script, he visited LucasArts recreation studios and advised them to work Darth Talon into an (in the end unreleased) recreation.

“He likened Darth Talon to Lauren Bacall,” one of many builders has stated. “He truly did an impersonation of her. It was supposedly the weirdest impersonation of a ’40s actress going, ‘Don’t you understand how to whistle? Put your lips collectively and blow.’ ”


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