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10 Rumored Locations Of The Lost Amber Room

The story of the Amber Room has the entire components of an Indiana Jones movie: the bounty of kings, the spoils of battle, theft by dastardly Nazis, a tireless search by the Soviet Union, mysterious deaths, and a priceless treasure ready to be discovered.

Development of the “Eighth Marvel of the World” started on the command of the king of Prussia in 1701. An opulent, 16.7-square-meter (180 ft2) room was constructed with over six tons of amber, backed by glittering gold, and set with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

As a peace image between allies, the Amber Room was moved from its place in Charlottenburg Palace twice—as soon as to Winter Home in St. Petersburg after which to Catherine Palace in Pushkin. As an act of battle, the room was moved as soon as extra earlier than being misplaced ceaselessly.

In 1941, invading Nazi troopers tore down the room, packed its panels into 27 crates, and shipped it to Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad), Germany. When the town was destroyed by Allied bombing in 1943, the room went lacking.

In subsequent years, governments, historians, archaeologists, bounty hunters, and treasure seekers alike have sought it out, interviewing hundreds of witnesses, poring over information, digging up areas throughout Europe, and spending fortunes alongside the way in which. As of this writing, the room has by no means been discovered.


10 Unmoved From Kaliningrad, Germany

10 Unmoved From Kaliningrad, Germany

Though the outstanding principle holds that the Amber Room should have been destroyed by the bombs which rained down upon the town then referred to as Konigsberg, some proof contradicts this. In over 1,000 pages of reviews compiled by the decade-long Soviet investigation, no witnesses attest to any uncommon odors as the town burned. Officers concerned on this investigation believed that it might be unattainable to overlook the equal of 6 tons of incense burning directly.

In 1997, a German raid in Bremen lent credence to the concept the room had survived the bombing.[1] One among its Florentine mosaic panels turned up for public sale. After its seizure, the panel was authenticated however the vendor claimed ignorance as to its origin. His father, a deceased Wehrmacht soldier, by no means shared the key of the panel, not even together with his personal flesh and blood.

9 Hidden In A Silver Mine On The Czech Border

9 Hidden In A Silver Mine On The Czech Border

Helmut Gaensel was a bounty hunter. Within the late 1990s and early 2000s, the bounty he hunted was the bejeweled panels of the Amber Room. Former SS officers residing in Brazil had tipped him off to a location. Based on them, the panels had been deposited within the 800-year-old Nicolai Stollen mine close to the border between Germany and the Czech Republic.

Gaensel was not the one man to listen to the story. Whereas he and a workforce of engineers, mining consultants, and historians tried to dig into the mine from the German aspect, a rival group led by Peter Haustein, then mayor of the city of Deutschneudorf, tried burrowing in from the Czech aspect. Although the competitors led to worldwide headlines and authorized complications, neither workforce proved profitable.[2]


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