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10 Young People Who Defied Hitler

eight Knud Pedersen And The Churchill Membership

Knud Pedersen, 14 years previous, was outraged when the Germans invaded Denmark in 1940. In lower than someday, Denmark surrendered to the Nazis. In 1941, Knud (higher proper above) and 7 classmates at Aalborg Cathedral College fashioned the Churchill Membership, named after one among their heroes, Winston Churchill.

They started their struggle with blue paint in broad daylight. They poured paint on German roadsters that lined the streets and splashed paint on German barracks and Nazi headquarters. They turned newly positioned German street indicators in the wrong way or typically destroyed them. They informed their dad and mom they have been enjoying bridge.

All membership members pledged to create acts of sabotage. They stole weapons from the Germans and used them to make explosives. They saved the weapons within the Cathedral College. When the Gestapo uncovered the weapons on the college, all eight members of the Churchill Gang have been arrested and despatched to Nyborg State Jail.[3]

In 1942 and 1943, most of Denmark’s resistance got here from the Churchill Membership. By 1944, Denmark turned identified for its underground. Smuggled weapons have been buried in individuals’s gardens. Underground newspapers revealed the reality concerning the struggle, and big labor strikes challenged German authority.

7 Irene Intestine

7 Irene Intestine

Irene Intestine (later Opdyke) turned the live-in housekeeper for Main Eduard Rugemer, a outstanding Nazi. Already concerned the Polish resistance, she quickly started sheltering 12 Jews within the former servants’ quarters positioned within the basement of the home.

All went nicely for eight months, till Main Rugemer discovered three Jews in his kitchen. After getting over the preliminary shock, he provided Irene a deal: The Jews might keep if she could be his mistress. Irene, although shocked and humiliated, agreed.

Irene confessed the association to a rustic priest. Years later, she would bear in mind his judgement: “I used to be anticipating him to say ‘Properly, you had no selection, a human life is extra essential’ however as a substitute he informed me that I needed to flip everybody out, that my mortal soul is extra essential than anything. Properly, I couldn’t agree with this.”[4]

Irene Intestine Opdyke spent the final 30 years of her life touring the USA to inform her story to American schoolchildren.

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