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10 Dark And Ungodly Christian Beliefs

6 If You Pressure An Unbetrothed Virgin To Have Intercourse, You Can Buy Her

That is yet one more unusual however surprisingly stunning passage from Deuteronomy:

If a person discover a damsel that may be a virgin, who will not be espoused, and taking her, lie along with her, and the matter come to judgment:

He that lay along with her shall give to the daddy of the maid fifty sides of silver, and shall have her to spouse, as a result of he hath humbled her: he could not put her away all the times of his life.—Deuteronomy 22:28–29[6]

This might presumably be described as fornication, however the “taking her” half actually makes it sound fairly pressured. In any case, it doesn’t sound like she has a lot of a selection within the matter. Plus, if he buys her, they’re to be married endlessly.

What’s worse than being pressured to have intercourse? Possibly being pressured, by legislation, to marry the one that pressured you.


5 You Can not Enter The Church Of The Lord If Your Testicles Or Penis Have Been Eliminated

Because it seems, the traditional Christian texts have some fairly robust requirements for who was allowed into the church. And for males, it appears like genitals have been a necessity in the event that they wished to be concerned within the service.

Here’s what the passage truly says:

An eunuch, whose testicles are damaged or minimize away, or yard minimize off, shall not enter into the church of the Lord.—Deuteronomy 23:1[7]

It doesn’t get a lot plainer than that. Nevertheless it additionally begs the query: How did they know who had genitals?

four If You Commit Adultery, You Shall Be Put To Demise

This passage comes from Leviticus and mainly says that if any man commits adultery with the spouse of one other man, each of them shall be put to demise.

Right here is the precise passage:

If any man commit adultery with the spouse of one other, and defile his neighbour’s spouse, allow them to be put to demise, each the adulterer and the adulteress.—Leviticus 20:10[8]

Speak about a lover scorned, proper?

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